Khloe Kardashian & Tristan NOT Living Together + Cheating AFFECTING His Career?


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Despite reports that Khloe Kardashian had no plans to return to LA anytime soon with her and Tristan’s Thompson daughter, True, new reports suggest that the reality star and new mommy is still far from ready to forgive and forget Tristan’s infidelity.
A source told E! News QUOTE “Khloe and Tristan don’t have much to do with each other. She’s very angry with him and rightfully so.” I’ll go ahead and second that. Rightfully so! Still, Khloe’s understanding that at the end of the day, Tristan is True’s father. The source continued saying QUOTE “She does want her daughter to spend time with her dad. So, she isn’t denying him that chance. But, she is cold with Tristan and keeping contact to a minimum. Tristan doesn’t think Khloe will ever forgive him, but that’s yet to be determined.”
Khloe’s willingness to give Tristan and True their daddy/daughter time together in Cleveland means that, for now, Khloe is staying put in Cleveland, but not with Tristan? A source told People Mag that Khloe and Tristan are living apart. While multiple reports suggest that maybe Khloe is staying in Cleveland only while the Cavaliers are in the NBA playoffs so that Tristan is able to see his daughter despite his busy playoffs schedule.
To be honest, Tristan hasn’t really looked all that busy on the court lately… because, well, he hasn’t been on the court. His first game after his cheating scandal was definitely rough, considering the crowd BOOed him. Yikes. Since that game, which was on April 11th, Tristan has barely played. Just last night, Thompson sat on the bench as the Cavaliers went on to beat the Indiana Pacers in their first home playoff game. The series started just a few days ago with a game that only saw Tristan on the court for about 2 minutes. Considering Tristan has gotten as much as 30 minutes playing time in a single game, this is a big deal for the Cavalier’s forward. The Cav’s next game is tomorrow, so we’ll have to see if Tristan is met with a warmer welcome, and that goes for his personal life too.
Do you think Khloe’s headed back to LA as soon as Tristan’s team is through the playoffs? Maybe even sooner? Drop all your thoughts down in the comments section and then you can click right here to get the deets on the KarJenner’s visiting Khloe in Cleveland this week. Thanks so much for tuning in to Clevver News, I’m Sinead de Vries, and I’ll see you all soon!

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  1. Tristan you need to get a paternity test that baby could be ANY Ballers baby and she does not look like you either.

  2. She was the mistress first. Because she is famous we need to feel sorry . Come on. What you did was wrong now face the consecuence


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