Kanye West Reveals He’s Been MIA For THIS Reason


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Kanye West has been MIA lately and there’s a perfectly good reason why.
Yeezy’s been laying low and out of the spotlight for a while now and no, he’s not doing it to clean up his image.
Word on the street is Kanye’s in hiding because he’s working on a new album! According to TMZ, a source revealed to the outlet that Yay is currently in a retreat on top of a mountain in Wyoming to find his inspiration for his next album and this isn’t his first time visiting the state.
The outlet went on to report that Kanye has been to this secret retreat a couple of times now, so we can all definitely assume that Yeezy is currently in that creative state of mind. Ever since Kanye has been MIA, many have speculated that the artist is just going through a hard time, but multiple sources told TMZ that his disappearance from the spotlight has nothing to do with problems at home or problems with his head, it’s all about creating that music we all know and love.
This update on Yeezy’s life definitely explains why he’s been out of the spotlight lately and it also explains why he recently deleted his Instagram and Twitter accounts – they’re both too much of a distraction from his creative process.
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  1. Last time he went MIA we got “Dark Twisted Fantasy” which is easily the best album of the 2010’s thus far. He’s zoning in to deliver another masterclass.


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