Jonas Brothers REACTIVATE Instagram & Fans Freak Out Over Possible Reunion


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It was the year 2013, and all seemed well in the world – The Jonas Brothers were gearing up for their comeback reunion album, new single AND tour, both Nick and Joe had released their own solo albums, so naturally, there was an abundance of JoBro love to go around for what seemed like the entirety of the year.

But then, out of nowhere, disaster struck and the band made the official announcement that they would be cancelling their entire comeback tour, stating that the decision was caused by “creative differences that had caused a deep rift within the band.” As if Jonas Brothers fans’ hearts weren’t already shattered, the band then deleted all their group social media accounts and announced their official split.

So if you think I’m just here to pour some salt in the wounds that are hardly healed, don’t worry because I’m here to do quite the opposite. Once again, out of NOWHERE, the band has just RE-activated their official Instagram account after over FOUR years, and best of all, every photo from 2013 and before is fully intact.

As you can imagine, fans are freaking out via Twitter and Instagram, thinking that something along the lines of a reunion might actually happen this time around. Many day-one fans shared their excitement via tweets, hilarious GIFs, and even threats – ok, so not actual harmful threats, but they did warn the “younger generation” who tries to cross them, that there will be consequences.

One Twitter user wrong alongside a comical GIF, QUOTE, “22 year old me pushing preteens out of the way if the Jonas Brothers have a reunion tour.” Others revealed that they’d shamelessly be THAT person who cries during every song, even if it isn’t sad, like this fan who wrote, “I really am not even ready or emotionally prepared for a Jonas Brothers reunion I will cry the whole time, “who’s that girl crying during that’s just the way we roll this isn’t even an emotional song” it’s me.”

Others are saying “RIP” to their bank accounts if this news is actually about to come true – one fan wrote, “If the Jonas Brothers ever did a reunion show, I’d just give them my whole entire bank account because you better believe I’ll be getting meet & greet and buying every single merch item that’s available. Even if I already have it.”

Hey, no judgements here! The last time the guys talked about the band’s cancellation was back in 2016 when Joe revealed that he was not on speaking terms with his brothers when they split. Nick also revealed on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live that QUOTE, “I initiated the conversation because it needed to be had. We just reached a point where we weren’t creating the kind of music that we needed to create to really progress and it wasn’t really healthy in that respect anymore.”

Kevin also stated back in 2015 that, “the friction was too much and we just really needed to break away and kind of do our own things for some time.” Although their relationship is inevitably much stronger now, we can only wonder if time healed all wounds, and if the family trio is cookin’ up something good for us OG fans…

Until then, we’ll just be here… refreshing our socials until further notice – but right now I want to know what you guys think this whole Instagram reactivation means, so get to talking down here in the comments, and after that, be sure to click right over here to see 6 artists set to tour this year. Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m your host Zoe Lilian and I’ll see you next time.

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5 Comentarios

  1. So apparently this is true, but how? Doesn’t Joe have a wife now and doesn’t Kevin have a family? This is going to be a gift, but does that mean Nick’s no longer a solo? Also, what about Joe’s band? He kinda has a DNCR behind him. Um…Kevin does Tv with his wife, so I’m massively confused. But, so so so happy and thankful. Maybe some new songs would come?

  2. I swear if they do a reunion tour I will pull out all $12 dollars out of my savings account and still not be able to get tickets cuz this millennial is broke af but still loves the boys very much!

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