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Johnny Depp has filed a $ 50 million defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife, Amber Heard in response to her op-ed published in the Washington Post last year. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Depp calls the “false allegations” against him “an elaborate hoax to generate positive publicity” for her and “advance her career.” The lawsuit strongly states that she is the one who attacked him, claiming, “Ms. Heard is not a victim of domestic abuse; she is a perpetrator.”

Amanda Bynes has checked back into a mental health facility. A source close to Bynes told PEOPLE that she had a “relapse” and is getting help and treatment from mental health professionals and addiction counselors for drug addiction and mental health issues. Bynes reportedly started struggling last year after her cover story for Paper Magazine in November 2018 put her back in the spotlight and she began auditioning for work in Hollywood.

According to Deadline Tyrese Gibson is set to portray Teddy Pendergrass in an upcoming biopic after Warner Bros. acquired the life rights of the late singer.  “I am honored to take this journey… this is the role that I feel I was born to play,” Gibson said in a statement. “Teddy Pendergrass embraced me and before he passed put the responsibility on my shoulders to tell his story”

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  1. Its obvious what happened. Johnny marries a bi-sexual hottie thinkin he’s gonna be the meat in the middle of a pussy sandwich every night for the rest of his life. (Every mans dream btw) When this doesnt happen marriage is over. I’d sue too. Misrepresentation in the worst kinda way. At least let him video tape the lesbian action so he can watch it later at his convenience. Women can be so cruel!


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