T.I. Talks New Album ‘Dime Trap’, Curating Trap Music, The Dangers Of A Big Celebrity + More


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  1. T.I. is a SOLDIER.! i WILL BE PURCHASING HIS AUTOBIOGRAPHY! T.I. had to make something out of nothing. Too bad, with my academic mind, I didn’have the GUTS to help my deceased mother, mentally diabled (deceased) father and ALL of us who suffered in ways that no one knows. We caught some serious hell. The only person out of this cauldron of hell that has made a better day is my brother Baron in Sanger, CA. The rest of us PERISHED! I’m dying from an induced cancer as I write this the post. So terrible this country called the U.S.. I’m so glad that T.I. somehow found a way a stand up after all the shit he’s been through. I am a Georgia Tech Electrical Engineering graduate, BSEE ’92 who WAS RAISED IN THE PROJECTS IN ATHENS, GA ( Bethel Homes , my address was 180 Hickman Drive, Apt. 20, Athens, GA 30601). T.I. is THE REAL DEAL!!!! I am a gay man, T.I. , but I am not a PUSSY. Please allow me to say that I love you like the great man that you are.

  2. Bra ctg is really not a superstar interviewer anymore mabey a pro or star but not superstar, joe got next lets call it, yall can have this nig.


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