Jaclyn Hill DELETES All Social Media After More Cosmetic Backlash!


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Jaclyn Hill can’t catch a break…and her latest online issues have led her to delete her social media

What’s up guys, it’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News, and if you’re a fan of Jaclyn Hill, you probably noticed that you can’t get to her Instagram and twitter pages right now.

That’s because the beauty Vlogger deleted her accounts on Wednesday after briefly tweeting and deleting quote “I have told the full truth. Everything that I know I’ve shared with you, other than confidential “things”. You don’t have to believe me … but I’m being honest”.

Jaclyn could have been referring to the constant barrage of hate she’s been getting online from consumers and trolls, but she also could be referring to this video posted the day before.

Marlena Stell made a video called “Dear Influencers” in which she kind of calls out Jaclyn. She says way back in 2016, she ran into Jaclyn at a cosmetics factory when she was first starting development of her lipstick line.

Marlena continues by saying she warned Jaclyn about similar issues of poor-quality products that the factory made for her, and suggested she go elsewhere.

I mean, talk about kicking a girl while she’s down…

So not certain if this is what Jaclyn was referring to in her tweet, but she followed up in another quickly deleted tweet, saying “I deleted it because I immediately got hateful comments and although everything I stated is 1000 percent true, I need to protect my mental state first and foremost. I know people think that makes me a victim but honestly my sanity needs to come first”

And that’s when she deleted her accounts.

Hopefully we see Jaclyn back in action sometime soon. She hasn’t posted any videos on Youtube since the apology video two weeks ago.

She should take the time she needs. I know this was a big deal and contaminated lipstick is no joke, but it would be sad for her whole career and her life to be ruined by this..

But what do you guys think? Are people being too harsh on Jaclyn? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below

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  1. Considering that there was mold in the lipstick cap then it makes sense that the hairs were mold spores that were growing into the lipstick. Then there was the human hair, glass, the animal droppings (looked like cockroach). It wasn’t harsh, it was justified. A refund isn’t a recall.

  2. ok we get it. she does not seem like a trustful person and all that bc of her mistakes. but can you guys chill. literally 99% of the comments are so rude and just following this cancel culture trend. like you all need to stop. it is getting so out of hand. if you do not like the beauty community, leave. you do not have to write negative comments everywhere. how would you feel if people did that to you. do not just say that they chose that life. it is disgusting. just give her a break, and everyone else. they will figure out their mistakes by themselves, they do not need immature people commenting disgusting comments all the time. following the trend and hating on people does not make you any better. i feel bad for her bc she is a perfectionist and she was working for so long on her cosmetic brand, hoping it would be perfect, yet it turns out like this. i get she has her faults but i think she feels shitty enough. she wanted these to be perfect, no one wants to harm their consumers. these influencers (including marlena stell) literally just want clout. let me ask you, did they bring anything new to the table? nope. we get that her lipsticks are terrible and contain all those nasty stuff, but we do not need every influencer titling their video: the truth about jaclyn’s lipstick. like bitch we get it. and marlena, although she claimed she was not trying to get anything out of it-and i believed her at first-i realized that all she is saying is that she warned jaclyn about the lab. but she does not even know if jaclyn continued using it. she is just adding more rumors that have not been proven. she claim she cares about the consumer’s health and all that shit, but we already know that the lipsticks are not the best and can be dangerous. we do not need another influencer commenting again. everyone just wants views and shit. please take tati as example, look how she did not release her video because she’s aware that people know those lipsticks are terrible. please move on with your lives and stop filling the comment section with hate. you are telling her to delete her channel but realize that it is her job too. just stop.


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