Hollywood celebrity gossip, distractions and looking at the bigger picture


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  1. So many distractions!!! It’s coming from every angle. We must have them terrified because why would they counter attack so hardcore?
    Focus on healing ourselves and keeping our minds our own. Keep up the good work

  2. I feel they sacrafice and do such things to transcend all desires and attachments so that they dont have to come back here. it just that most beings get stuck on the sacraficing and vamping part and never get over it.

  3. Right Cardo. Who we see are not the ones that’s doing all this sick shit. We may never know who really behind this evil. But what we DO know is if we don’t support all these actors, entertainers, jocks,presidents, news casters, all these fake holidays and all this shit….we can cripple they’re movement and hinder future works of this evil energy trying to take over and control and kill us all. Cardo do you feel me? We can stop all this by just leaving it all be.take ourselves out the numbers and statistics and demographics and just live….. to better ourselves and our families ….. Amen.


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