Fifth Harmony OVER ‘Fake’ Camila Cabello (Completely Weekly)


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On today’s BONUS episode of Completely Weekly, we’re breaking down the feuds of the week including Britney Spears vs Katy Perry, Justin Bieber vs The Weeknd AND Camila Cabello vs Lauren Jauregui.

5H promo photo, Camila Cabello crying

Vivian Fabiola @vivianfabiolav
Ryland Adams @ryland_adams
Erin Robinson @heyerinrobinson
Sinead De Vries @sineaddevries

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5 Comentarios

  1. This is so fucking stupid she already fucking said it was about her not Camila so please stfu and get your facts straight before you start talking! It drives me so crazyyyyy

  2. does this seriously have to be your daily lifestyle? It’s all their business. Not yours. You don’t need to make everything big when it’s nothing and false assumptions is what ruins celebrities.

  3. this is so stupid lmao. lauren wasn’t talking about camila……. camila wasn’t even in the same party this is so pointless. the one with the pink hair is so stupid oh my god, i hate that kind of people

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