Every Jennifer Aniston couple in Hollywood #Celebrities #Romance


Every Jennifer Aniston couple in Hollywood #Celebrities #Romance

Continuing our countdown to Saint Valentine´s Day, today we will take a stroll down memory lane through another megastar romantic history. In this case the ever lovely Jennifer Aniston.

Make sure you let me know which other celebs you want to see featured here.

In this video we´ll take a look at every man Jennifer Aniston has dated in Hollywood.

Everybody knows about her marriage to Brad Pitt, as after all they were an a-list couple, but what about the rest? Celebrities, actors and singers. Let`s take a look at Every Jennifer Aniston couple in Hollywood

Every man Jennifer Aniston dated in Hollywood

2015-2018 Justin Theroux
2010 Josh Hopkins (rumored)
2010 Harry Morton (rumored)
2009-2010 Gerard Butler (rumored)
2008-2009 John Mayer
2007 Paul Sculfor (rumored)
2006 Matthew Perry (rumored)
2005-2006 Vince Vaughn
1998-2005 Brad Pitt
1998 Paul Rudd
1995-1998 Tate Donovan
1995 Adam Duritz
1990-1994 Daniel McDonald
1990 Charlie Schlatter

Some of the guys Jennifer Aniston dated are confirmed and some are rumors.

Video by Guillermo Paz

Fugetaboutit by Dan Lebowitz


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