Elf On A Shelf Could Be HARMFUL To Kids?!

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According to child psychologist Dr. Vanessa Lapointe, the adorable little elf that brings millions of families heart warming joy could apparently be ruining our future generations lives. The expert said QUOTE
When adults get up to tricks and strategies to try and control children’s behavior, two not-so-great things happen. «Parents have been trying frantically to control their children’s behavior by making some kind of positive outcome contingent on good behavior,» she explained. «Be good and you get a star on the star chart. Be good and Santa will bring you a present. The problem is that this creates fallout emotionally and neurologically.»
So here’s some background for you guys that are like what is this elf on a shelf thing. It all stems from a book written in 2005 about an elf that sees and hears everything, including when kids are back. The story goes that parents hide the elf around their houses to keep an eye on their kids and if they’re bad, the elf will tell Santa. Besides being some sort of creepy private investigator though, the elf on a shelf game has turned into a contest to see where people can put the elf most creatively. But who knows that might be over soon now that we’re hearing this whole game is creating emotional and neurological trauma. I mean I think we’re all on the same page here that we don’t want to harm our kids, but do you guys think this is true or just taking things too far? Do you do elf on a shelf with your family? If so, is it ruining your life or is this just a fun game? Hit the comments to join the conversation and then click here to see the world rally around Keaton Jones and shut down bullying. I’m your girl Joslyn Davis thanks for watching Clevver we’ll see you next time!

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5 respuestas a «Elf On A Shelf Could Be HARMFUL To Kids?!»

  1. Avatar de Kamryn Kindley
    Kamryn Kindley

    I have an Elf on the Shelf myself and my cousins like my family does try and discipline them but they just act super crazy

  2. Avatar de Aubrie Williams
    Aubrie Williams


  3. Avatar de Fangirl w/ nothing better rn
    Fangirl w/ nothing better rn

    Lmao I hide that little shit and my little brother finds it hilarious once I hung it from a cat clock by it’s neck and my brother found it hilarious and then I taped it to the wall upside down with a beer can and he found it sooooo funny

  4. Avatar de CuteBellaLove

    I thought this would be about how the elf moves on its own sometimes and moves it eyes search it up on youtube

  5. Avatar de yuli55a 727
    yuli55a 727

    4 year old brother is scared of this and he doesn’t even was its for

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