Dunkin Donuts NEW ‘Donut Fries’ Might Be Coming To A City Near You!

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There are certain things that you thought you didn’t have a need for, but then they get announced and you think, ‘yep. that’s a thing that I need immediately!”

And that thing was just announced- Dunkin Donuts is rolling out cinnamon-sugar covered donut fries at a small number of restaurants in Boston.

Yeah I don’t live in Boston, so if we could get them all over the country that would be great.

They’re a part of their $2 snacking menu, which is dangerously cheap when you’re addicted to donuts.

Although they only come with 5 fries….

Who decided on such a small number, I just wanna talk.

Something that hasn’t been talked about nearly enough is the fact that Dunkin ALSO rolled out waffle-breaded chicken tenders with these donut fries. As well as a gluten free brownie and pretzel bites. These are very exciting times.

So far the Boston roll out has been a success. One person tweeted some solid advice saying, “DONUT FRIES!!!!!!! Thank you @dunkindonuts – Amazing! Might you consider adding a cream cheese or vanilla cream dipping frosting cup?”

But others are calling out the chain for trying to come for Taco Bell’s nacho fries. One user tweeted QUOTE, “WOW so @dunkindonuts thinks they can just RIP off @tacobell’s nacho fries. Dunkin, I’m going to let you finish, but @tacobell had the best French Fry launch of all time.”

After selling over 53 million orders of nacho fries, Taco Bell announced they would be taken off the menu until summer. And that’s when Dunkin swooped in.

Okay guys let us know, are you hype to try out these donut fries? Let us know in the comments section, and then click right over HERE to get the details edible glitter craze! Don’t forget to subscribe to Clevver News – I’m your host Ava Gordy and we’ll see you guys next time!

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    James Dean

    STOP PLAYING ✋?? Bitch that’s a churro

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    lmao, everyone here is saying they look like churros

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    ᖴIᖇE? Yᑌᗰ?

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    What will be next?

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    Well… Time to get fat!

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