I REACT TO CELEBRITY COACHELLA 2018 OUTFITS AND FASHION ASMR STYLE! ASMR stands for Autonomous sensory eridian response, and my crazy ass does it lol. Coachella is a music festival, and celebrities come to perform and attend. Youtuber coachella outfits went down too but I wasnt able to get any of those. celebrity coachella outfits were bangin but of coarse Beyonce coachella 2018 outfit was the best in my opinion. let me know your thoughts down below!

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  1. Kel, your videos are always so refreshing. I enjoyed this so much. Thanks a lot for picking out all those outfits and showing them here. I don’t really educate myself on fashion trends, but some of those outfits look really cool and they give me some ideas for the upcoming summer. ??

    I really like the outro of this vid too. Lovely landscapes and meaningful words. ?

    • Chloe Guidry yeah since completely rebranding my channel I’ve lost a lot of subs I think from TUJ people but I’ve gained more than lost. Lol I made the little bit of tuj content I made to help people out in general but it’s def not what my channels about lol ? thanks for still supporting me!!!

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