Zoella Posts Video At Her Gynecologist To Raise Awareness For Cancer!


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Zoe Sugg aka Zoella has just used her platform to provide invaluable information to millions of young women and we applaud her for it.

What’s up? It’s Erin Robinson here with Clevver News and you know that women’s health and the importance of regularly seeing your doctor is something close to my heart.

So obviously, I was excited to see that Zoe Sugg, who’s better known as Zoella on the Internet, post a video of herself getting a live pap smear test with an additional Q&A with the nurse.

She has over 4.8 million subscribers on her channel and decided to use her platform for this really good cause.

Zoe wrote in the description of the video that quote, “I wanted to do something to help encourage more women to book and attend their cervical screenings.”

Which is truly so commendable.

Cervical screenings check for things like cervical cancer, which is much more treatable if caught early from a smear test.

Zoe shared a 43-minute video on Youtube and a shorted 13 minute version on her IGTV where she breaks down all the most asked questions, common anxieties and misconceptions about having a pap smear test, and shares her own experience of having one on camera too.

She timed the actual test and it only too 48 seconds!

Zoe explains that she thought filming her experience might help other women feel reassured before attending their first test and help them understand what actually happens during one.

And it’s really not scary at all!

And in the Q&A with Nurse Jenny, Zoe runs through some of the most asked questions that she received from her followers on Instagram.

Jenny answers them all and explains what actually happens during a pap smear test.

Then Zoe brings the conversation to her office and has an honest chat with her female co-workers about the importance of getting a smear test.

I love that Zoe is doing this because she has such an impressionable audience on YouTube and as she mentioned in the beginning of her vlog, this isn’t usually something anyone learns about in school, but it’s so important.

And the commenters on the video agree.

Fans are literally flooding the comment section with praise for Zoe.

One person wrote quote, “I applaud you Zoe for doing this! I think every girl needs to know exactly what happens during a pap smear.”

And another said quote, “The biggest well done to Zoe Sugg for using her platform for important topics such as this, amazing and thank you.”

And there are hundreds and hundreds more just like that.

But not only is Zoe using her platform to educate her fans, she is actually donating all the money she makes from this video.

She wrote in the description quote, “I will also be donating the money raised from Adsense on this video to Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust!” and she included the link to make an individual donation.

But I want to know what you think.

What do you think of Zoe using her platform to educate her audience about topics like this? And do you like when your favorite YouTubers are honest and vulnerable?

Let’s have a conversation about it down in the comments below.

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  1. pap smears are so important to get as early as possible. they recommend you get them starting in your mid 20s, but i was only 21 when i got one and there were abnormal cells that needed to be watched incase they developed into cancer. luckily they didn’t, but i was stressed for months until the final results came in and had they came in positive for cervical cancer i probably would have been dead if i had waited until the recommended age. yes, they are uncomfortable, but its literally 2 minutes of being uncomfortable to find out if your hoo ha is healthy.

  2. (UK) It’s a nurse, not a Gynaecologist. Gynaecologists are specialised Obstetricians. You only see a Gynaecologist if you have had a diagnosis from a Doctor and need further investigation.
    PAP smears are routine and usually take place in GP surgeries and GUM clinics and are performed by nurses.


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