Who Am I ? Celebrity Guessing Challenge E3 – Movie, Tv, Sports & Music Stars


Welcome to Who Am I ? The Celebrity guessing game that gives you 5 clues, some good.. some not, to who each pixelated star may be.
Each episode (yes, there will still be even more) will contain at least 6 celebrity’s and it could be ANYONE past or present.

In any episode you watch you could see a mix of Avery Brooks, Avery Johnson or Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, the girl who played Quin on HIMYM or even Dr. Quinn Medicine woman (Don’t test me !) lol you could have the guys from Two and a half men, the girls from TLC (Female music group, not the learning channel) or the lady who played Carla on Scrubs. Every episode is a mix bag and I hope you all enjoy.

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