Was 13 Reasons Why Season 2 a Disappointment? (True Showmance)


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Netflix’s hit show 13 Reasons Why is back and it’s no secret that when Season 1 came out a little over a year ago, it quickly became a cultural phenomenon. The highly anticipated Season 2 came out over the weekend and many viewers have felt that the show missed the mark. Which is why today we’re going to be discussing why season 2 was unnecessary & disappointing OR why we didn’t love it as much as the first season right here on True Showmance.

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5 Comentarios

  1. In my opinion season 2 was really great. Just like in real life there are always 2 sides to every story, and that is what season 2 is about! Season 2 addresses important issues and is about getting justice for Hannah etc. season 2 was needed and really interesting. SEASON 3 ASAP❤️

  2. Just on the bathroom scene in the last episode: 13 Reasons Why (the show) has always shown traumatizing events in their full. This is evident from the two rapes in season 1 and the suicide scene. This new scene was incredibly shocking because its something that is hardly discussed in today’s society despite the fact that there have been many recent cases of this sexual assault due to bullying/ violence. It probably is the most shocking scene in the whole show given the little warning we’ve had, were as for the suicide the whole season one has lead up to that scene. I’m not mad at it at all though, it made me have discussions with people, and while it also made me incredibly disturbed, I felt it was necessary. So often we see rape and sexual assault conveyed as a sexual thing, but in this scene it is pure violence. It also was a tool used by the writers to make you get on Tyler’s side a bit, and at least open your eyes as to how things could escalate so much for him.
    At the end of the day, this whole show has had so many warnings, and has been so graphic in nature. If you were disturbed by anything in season one you were warned. And shouldn’t be so upset when seeing something horrific from a show that has already shown so many horrific things.

  3. It was actually not that bad. The only thing they could’ve done better was to show the tv series through those Polaroids. It’s just felt like all over of the place.

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