Orange Is The New Black Debuts INTENSE Season 5 Trailer


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The first full-length trailer for season 5 of Orange is the New Black has been released from Litchfield Penitentiary, unlike the inmates, who are fighting for their rights in what could only be described as powerful retaliation.
We all know that there’s strength in numbers, and if there’s one thing the Litchfield guards should know this season – enough is enough.

The anticipation has reached an all-time high for Orange is the New Black visitors AKA the show’s biggest fans, like myself, who have been dying to know the outcome of one guard, whose life was on the line during the final seconds of the season 4 finale. Thankfully, Netflix has just released the first full-length trailer for season 5, and, well, you may wanna sit down for this one…
This season more than ever before makes clear that there is NO more miss nice inmate, as seen in the first few seconds of the trailer when Daya debates on pulling the trigger on one of the guards. In another scene, we see each group of inmate come together as Taystee stands up to the prison’s warden, Mr. Caputo, saying “We’re all angry! You done a girl wrong, Mr. Caputo, and we want justice!”

Another inmate is seen writing a letter to ‘whom it may concern’ about the inmates’ harsh living conditions, unnecessary beatings, and abusive conditions under which they are being held. But perhaps one of the most shocking moments in the trailer comes when Piper Chapman, namely the prison’s most hated inmate, offered her services in helping to fight back…
Come on, you didn’t think season 5 would be all drama and NO comedy now, did you?! Speaking of comedy, as everyone chimes into help think of new demands ordered to the guards, some of the inmates’ ideas may have been more warranted than others…
BUT let it be known that if there’s one thing the inmates definitely DO demand this season, it’s this:
And by the looks of it, they may just be granted that, but we’ll have to wait until season 5 in its entirety drops on Netflix in exactly one month from today on June 9th so mark your calendars. As for right now, I’m curious to know all your thoughts on the new trailer, so get to talking right down here in the comments, and after that, be sure to click right over here to watch the cast of 13 Reasons Why announce its season 2 renewal at the MTV Movie & TV Awards. Thanks so much for hanging out with me here on CLevver News, I’m your host Zoe Lillian and Litchfield visiting hours are now OVER.

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  1. “Already seen it” good for you nobody cares. The rest of are waiting till its officially released to support our favorite show. Your leaked ass ain’t contributing to nothing but your selfish needs & most likely will be the reason this show gets cancelled cause it didn’t get enough views/support. If you watched the leaked episodes you better watch them again on Netflix


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