Kylie Jenner REVEALS Face after 5 Months – Taylor Swift SHOCKS Fan (DHR)


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Kylie Jenner hides baby bump in a new Calvin Klein had, Taylor Swift surprises a fan on her wedding day, and Ed Sheeran gets engaged! All that and more on today’s Rundown!

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  1. Nooooo i thought millie was cleverer than that! She is so intelligent and mature and he is a twat! Not his type as he likes them thicc. What will they talk about? He seems so self absorbed. I bet he doesnt even read books!

  2. 0:23 Kylie finally shows her face/Calvin Klein Ad.
    4:20 Ed Sheeran got engaged.
    6:06 Taylor Swift involved in her fans’ wedding.
    7:28 Millie and Jacob Dating.

  3. Why do people think they are entitled to see Kylie’s stomach. If she doesn’t want to show you, a COMPLETE STRANGER, or MILLIONS of strangers, her stomach, she does not have to. Just cause she’s famous doesn’t mean we have a right to look at her baby bump.


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