Ginuwine On Celebrity Big Brother (Reaction) [RANT/Thoughts]


In this video I address the Ginuwine and India Willoughby controversy.

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  1. Well, she’s thinking she’s a man because by Ginuwine’s words she is NOT a woman. And you called her a transgender man? You then can’t go on to say that you cannot be a woman cause you were born a male? Gender is a social construct though

    • TheSS ! Well yeah lol, one is inevitable and one is a choice. And the funny thing is I was going to thank you for keeping the conversation civilized; too often people get triggered and that leads to them thinking they can be disrespectful. I appreciate you watching and commenting!

    • I knew you were going to shoot down the butterfly analogy because of the biological side of it. Regardless, I respect how you articulate and construct your views. We’re obviously not going to agree to each-others but at least we had a civilised conversation.

    • TheSS ! India Willoughby in my eyes is a man that surgically altered her appearance to appear as a woman. I’ve said that repeatedly in the video. I think your butterfly analogy has zero weight here, because it is in the biology of butterflies to start as caterpillars. That is not in their control. If right now I said that I was a woman because I felt that way on the inside, some people might respect that, but a bunch of other people would be confused as hell. Saying that you’re something does not make you what you say you are. But, as it is a free country, you can identify yourself however you wish to. I call India a transgender man, not by traditional reference but by my own perception and definition of a man that decides to now live as a woman. I am completely aware of the societal definition a transman/woman.

    • That’s not what I’m saying at all. Gender is a social construct of a society we’re all apart of so obviously it does exist. Ginuwine certainly can have his reservations and preferences as can you, and since you used an example, I’ll use one. So, a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, are they not a butterfly because they were a caterpillar at birth? No. Yes, that is biological and someone being transgender is more chemically and psychically engineered and has more to do with the psyches of the person but if someone feels they are something they aren’t, can’t they change and expect to be called what they feel they are now? This logic wouldn’t apply in every case, but I definitely think it applies here. India is at the very least a trans-woman, if you want to use the «trans» to differentiate from what you’d consider a women, okay do that, but don’t say «trans-man» because then you’re saying India isn’t a real man either, when you want to say she isn’t necessarily a «real» woman.

    • TheSS ! So I guess we’re going to act as though males and females don’t exist? If I walk into the women’s bathroom as I am i would expect everyone in their to be outraged because I am a man in a women’s bathroom. We can’t cherry pick for the sake of people’s feelings. Sorry ??‍♂️

  2. The thing I don’t get is why some straight people have a problem with gay/lesbian people if the guy or girl isn’t flirting with them then whats the problem. And some straight man that fall in love with transwomen and vice versa and it’s because they accept them as what they have transitioned to, you got to respect it that’s them what they do behind closes doors is their business. It’s not for everyone but people fall in love with who they fall in love with.

    • Bette Davis well I have no problem with anyone because of their sexuality as I said earlier. I always advocate equal rights and equal treatment for people from all cultures/lifestyles. If a straight man knows that he’s with a transwoman and has accepted that, that’s great for him. But for the transindividuals that expect straight men to like them because they now believe that they’re females, that I take issue with.

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