Zayn DRAGGED By Beyonce Fans Over Cover of «Me, Myself & I»

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Zayn has new music coming out soon and over the weekend he took to Twitter to give us a taste. He tweeted, “Album is on the way, Got a few surprises for you too .. here’s a taster”
Well that taster was him covering Beyonce’s “Me, Myself & I”. I’ll let you have a listen…
So of course everyone has their opinions and most were positive, but Beyonce fans had to let Zayn know what they thought about it.
One person tweeted, He’s using auto tune, something the queen never uses but k.
Another tweeted, Zayn really tried it with that Beyoncé cover didn’t he
While another user who goes by Shalissa Knowles said, “Zayn got too much money to produce such monotonous poorly mixed harmonies and on a Beyoncé cover at THAT”
Some started referring to Zayn as Zeyonce which I personally think is taking it way too far, but anyway, there were plenty of people who supported his choice to cover Beyonce. Gigi replied by saying, “I meeeeaaaannnnnnnn” with heart eye emojis.
I personally just want to hear Zayn sing his own ORIGINAL songs, but I suggest you listen to the full version of his cover, form your own opinion and then let me know in the comment section below what you think! Of course, I’m your host Emile Ennis Jr. You can find me on Instagram @emileennisjr. Thanks for hanging out with me here at Clevver . Before you go, Click over here to watch another breaking news story and don’t forget to subscribe to our channels. I’ll see you later!

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5 respuestas a «Zayn DRAGGED By Beyonce Fans Over Cover of «Me, Myself & I»»

  1. Avatar de MUSIC LOVER

    The bee hive need to back the hell off, if the music sounds good than its good, there’s been other artists who covered other artists songs before, what makes beyonce any different? The bee hive need to chill from Zayn and what he wants to do, Beyonces original song and Zayns cover is both great.

  2. Avatar de Sam Atkinson
    Sam Atkinson

    Its so funny I didn’t even know the song existed until Zayn covers it. Then I went and checked that out on youtube. Funnily it had only 70M streams for a song to be that «smashing» as Beyonce’s fans claim. Also they are whingeing as if Beyonce’ don’t use auto tune lol

    P.S I loved the original by Beyonce’ and Zayn smashed it!!

  3. Avatar de Claire claudie
    Claire claudie

    No i do not like it

  4. Avatar de Nasan **
    Nasan **

    It was good tho?

  5. Avatar de classyboy04

    Him and his girl need to get slap with the “I’m so stupid” Rotten potato bag hahaha

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