Zac Efron Trains With Victoria’s Secret Angels!


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What’s up y’all, I’m Emile Ennis Jr. and hey, angels take many forms… and its latest form? A 6-foot-something bleach blonde former High School Musical star.

In the most recent episode of Zac Efron’s YouTube series, called “Gym Time with Zac Efron” — Zac invited four Victoria’s Secret models to show him what it takes to work out like an angel.

He hit the gym with Jasmine Tookes, Sara Sampaio, Josephine Skriver and Kelsey Merritt. The women showed Zac what they usually do in the gym… and it looked… well, kind of intimidating.

Zac introduced his celeb trainer – John Gains – to the models before they commenced their workout.

Um, sidebar, is that trainer’s name literally John GAINS? Like, GAINS? (flex gesture) — Talk about being born for the job!

Anyway, together, Zac and the models did circuits that involved everything from crunches and Russian twists to dumbbell curls and sumo squats.

But they didn’t just work out. Zac talked to the women about the pressures that come with modeling, and what it really means to earn a pair of the coveted VS wings.

They all agreed their time in the gym is like an escape, where they’re able to block everything else out for at least an hour.

Let me point out what the most remarkable part of this all is: Zac was literally still wearing a boot from his injury a few months back. You may remember he hurt himself in a skiing accident. But that clearly hasn’t stopped him from getting a workout in.

The video ended in what Zac called a “friendly” competition- a quick basketball match. Though they were sweaty and winded, all five of them stayed smiling til the very end.

Alright, we get it guys. You’re in incredible shape.

What did you guys think of Zac’s workout with the Victoria’s Secret angels? Think he’s earned his wings… or should he just stick to acting? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Clevver news is back ? Since when ?….how come i didnt know? I missed you guys! Im so happy! I have watched clevver news from their beginnings and i was so Sad when they went out the air….welcome back ! Wheres My Girl Erin?


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