YouTubers Jake Paul & Alissa Violet Bring Messy Breakup Drama To Twitter – What REALLY Happened?


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Jake Paul and Alissa Violet have been collaborating on videos for quite some time now, gaining some major online fame as “Jalissa,” and working together with other famous YouTubers under the group name Team 10. Rumors swirled that the two have been more than just co-collaborators, but neither Jake, nor Alissa had ever confirmed that they were, in fact, dating. That question, however, has officially been answered. Not only did we learn that these two have been romantically involved in some way or another, but we also learned that they are calling whatever it is that they are absolutely OVER.
In a now-deleted video, Jake explained that him an Alissa were having serious issues and that he’s been asking her to move out of his house for quite some time, very openly revealing that she had hurt his feelings, before revealing on Twitter that she had cheated on him, saying QUOTE “she cheated on me with someone that was very close to me… which is why it hurts so bad.”
But Alissa had a totally different story and in the midst of it all, she took to snap to share her thoughts.
Alissa has also been extremely vocal on Twitter, and quickly jumped to defend herself after Jake accused her of cheating, saying QUOTE “I did not cheat. Jalissa was never real. Jake had girl after girl over every other night. Then he would try and be cute with me the next morning and expect me to be ok with it.”
Ouch. Alissa went on to say QUOTE “He would tell me he loved me then hook up with a girl in front of me that same day.”
That’s when Jake deleted his previous tweets accusing Alissa of cheating, and instead tweeted out a fairly sweet message saying QUOTE “ I think she is super talented and means well deep down, however I cant have her in my space after having my heart broken. We will work it out.”
Unfortunately for Jake, that was a little too late, & Alissa has come right back saying QUOTE “He thinks I’m super talented? We will work it out… Why would you have my lock changed and hire a moving company, move all my stuff and persnal belongings without me even knowing about it? Whyw ould you continue to lie and say that I cheated? Are you kidding? We weren’t even dating, but if we were… it’s okay for you to bring girls home all the time, while I’m crying on the other side of the wall?”
Jake has yet to respond to Alissa’s latest post, but nothing is stopping her from speaking her mind. Alissa’s latest insta post is of her kissing a snake with a caption that reads “Here’s a pic of me and @jakepaul kissing!” Welp! I guess we’ll just have to check Twitter to find out the latest developments… Awk.
For now, I want to hear what you guys think about this messy breakup? Are you sad to see Jake & Alissa split? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and then you can click right here to see Little Mix slay their performance of Shout Out to My ex at the Brit Awards. I’m your host Sinead de Vries, and I’ll see you guys next time.

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  1. I dated @brandonskies a youtuber in Venice for awhile. He was the same kind of sexy tall buff man. Ugh fucking miss that loser. He can only sing like meh

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