What Will North West, Stormi Webster & More Celebrity Kids Become?!? Future Jobs Of Celebrity Kids!


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They say that children are the future, and celebrity kids are CERTAINLY … well… going to be a big part of the future. Sure they’re babies today but in 5, 10, 15 years, they’re going to be the names on everyone’s lips as some of the biggest actors, singers, or whatever the heck the equivalent of Youtubers are down the line!

Whats up guys it’s Drew Dorsey here with Clever News and in 2019, celebrity babies have more exposure than ever before.

Some of them are already producers, like DJ Khalid’s son Assad.

Some have already made their debut on the Billboard charts, like Blue Ivy.

Before I get ahead of myself, it’s wayyy too early to know what these famous kids are going to do with their own careers, or to put any expectations on them.

But it’s Labor Day and it’s fun to play a little game I call… “What Will They Be!”

And I think it would be a shame if we don’t have some fun while we still can by guessing what some of these kids will be doing in the future

Some of them have their path written in the stars. Like Blue Ivy.

She already has a hit song on the charts, and her mom already has her enrolled in vocal lessons.

As for the twins…well I think they’re a LITTLE too young to start singing

But if Blue is looking for a duet partner, maybe she can call up her good friend North West.

Because she has all the makings to be the biggest diva pop star YET!

And if you know me you know I mean that in the best way possible.

She could be the next Mariah! Or she could go her own way and try her tiny hand in acting.

But let’s just say that maybe the limelight isn’t for little northy

Well, pulling receipts is in her DNA! And no, I don’t mean she’d be a good checkout clerk at a grocery store

I mean she’d be a GREAT private investigator.

Some other kids are a little harder to pinpoint.

Take Stormi Webster. She’s only a year and some change old!!

Sure she could be a model or a makeup guru or a Youtuber just like her mama!

But instead of taking the obvious routes, I’m gonna go ahead and say that Stormi will be the next big chemist.

I mean, her mom already likes mixing together chemicals

And maybe Stormi will be the answer to the world’s water crisis. Or find the cure to cancer. Who knows.

And if that all fails, well with a name like Stormi she could always be Calabasas’ meteorologist when it’s underwater due to global warming.

Moving on!

What do you get when you mix an ex-basketball player with an ex-fitness model? Two adorable children

We all know Elle McBroom has a knack for gymnastics and I for one would love to see her on the US team.

But Alaïa on the other hand …. She remains mysterious… then again she is an infant!

Who knows. Maybe she’ll be an opera singer

Or a food critic

Or a model like her mom

So now that that’s settled, come back to me in 10 years when all of my predictions come true. And if you’re watching this in 2029, I told you so. But no matter what year it is, leave a comment below telling me what you think your favorite celeb kid is going to up to in 10 years. I know I missed a lot like Colleen Ballinger’s son Flynn and Chrissy Teigen’s daughter Luna, so make your predictions below!

Then when you’re done hypothesizing, make sure to click the bell so youre notified everytime we post and give this video a big thumbs up! After that catch more entertainment news right over here! I’m Drew Dorsey and I’ll see you next time!

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