Tyga SHADES Kylie Jenner! – Tana Mongeau DROPS EMOTIONAL New Song (DHR)


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Tyga Just Took Credit For Kylie Jenner’s Fame & The Internet Isn’t Having it
AND Tana Mongeau Gets REAL About Her Mistakes On NEW Song «F*ck Up
All that and more on today’s rundown!

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5 Comentarios

  1. The fact that he claims she was appropriating black culture but says he told her «you need culture, without the black community behind you you’re nothing» soooooo on behalf of all the white people I’d like to say sorry to everyone effected by tyga coaching kylie into stealing black culture.

  2. Tyga, do you know how many other people in Kylie’s life have also given her advice and helped her grow . BITCH YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL AND YOU DIDN’T DO SHIT. You and Kylie’s relationship was a pure teenage fantasy. You started dating her when she was just building her brand, so no shit she’s gonna take advice from her boyfriend “at the time” ( that means you aren’t her boyfriend anymore so stop being jealous and hateful GET OVER IT AND YOURSELF ) along with all the other people whispering in her ear, but you don’t see them acting like they gave her the key to success. She was already someone before the world even heard of you so shut the fuck up and stop trying to ride everyone’s fame. And Nicki grow the fuck up and stop using KYLIE, TYGA, TRAVIS, AND STORMI TO BOOST YOUR SALES AND RADIO.

  3. First of all. All these people saying they didn’t know tyga before he dated Kylie all have one thing in common. They’re white. Ask a black person the same question. And secondly tyga is not taking credit for putting Kylie on the map. He’s saying he gave her suggestions and constructive criticism. And Nicki Minaj was the one who asked him all these questions. It’s not like he got on the show and was like, hey let’s talk about my relationship with Kylie. Like, get out of here?. Don’t @ me

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