Twitter Faces MAJOR BACKLASH Over Oscars Commercial


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The commercial was shining a light on the #HereWeAre campaign that originated during the Consumer Electronics Show — aka, CES — which is meant to help shine a light on women in the tech industry.

The video was tweeted out with the message, QUOTE: “We stand with women around the world to make their voices heard and their presence known. To bring them front and center, today and every day. Join us as we say #HereWeAre”

Seems empowering enough, right? Well, the Internet begs to differ.

People on, you guessed it, Twitter, were speaking out on the hypocrisy of the ad since the social media outlet handles abusive comments and harassment, especially towards women, pretty poorly.

One user said: “how in the wide world can Twitter — the source of the vast majority of women’s public online harassment — air that commercial in good faith”

Another person chimed in with a pretty scathing review: “That @Twitter commercial was powerful, but also feels odd considering that I spent this past weekend being harassed by misogynist fat-shaming trolls, only be told that the Tweets didn’t violate their standards. Do better, Twitter, where it matters. #HereWeAre

Rough night for Twitter.

However, it wasn’t all negativity, as some praised the powerful message, with one user tweeting: “This commercial literally brought me to tears. So powerful and beautiful. Who wrote the poem?? #HereWeAre”
Twitter, has spoken — but what about you guys? Do you think the Twitter ad was empowering? Or was it all just surface level stuff? Get to it in the comments, and then click right over here to get a breakdown of the biggest moments from the Oscars. And obviously don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks so much for watching, I’m your host Drew Dorsey, and we’ll see you next time on Clevver.

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  1. Divide and conquer…Show positive message on tv about women then use twitter as a negative response in order to promote backlash and introduce thought control – a new topic to promote censorship of people’s opinions…

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