Trader Joe’s RELEASES A Brand New & Affordable Bottle of Organic Rose


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Charles shaw wines otherwise lovingly known as “two buck chuck” to all you trader joe’s fans, has been available for purchase in store for around 15 years. Well get excited ya’ll because a brand new “two buck chuck” has hit shelves and people are FREAKING OUT!
The grocery store has just added a brand new ROSÈ to their lineup of wines – answering the cries of millennials everywhere- and best of all its all ORGANIC!
Now before we proceed we should warn you that this new rosé costs a little more than your average “two buck chuck”. The price point is actually $3.99 – technically making it a “four buck chuck” – but hey, since the wine is all organic, the extra splurge for a super delish rosé is totally worth it! In fact, this Charles Shaw wine is one of Trader Joe’s first to be made with organic grapes! Not to mention it sounds so yummy – the rosé has aromas of watermelon and berry fruits – perfect for summer time!
According to a recent Fearless Flyer post on the Trader Joe’s website, the grocery chain has released Charles Shaw Wines made with organic grapes in three different varietals, cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir, and the pièce de résistance – rosé!
Trader Joe’s says that customers have been asking for wines made with organic grapes for some time, which is why they worked closely with winemakers to deliver!
According to the post, the folks over at trader joe’s have QUOTE,
“been working hand-in-hand with the winemakers for quite some time on these. We’ve been involved in every step of the process – from making sure we got the flavor profiles just right to the rather innovative packaging twist of a reseal-able cork!”
We’re not sure if you guys caught that last part – but the cork on these babies are twist off AND reseal-able! That means if you find yourself on a picnic or at a bbq the bottles can be easily transported with NO mess or worry that the cork will pop off once they’ve been opened!
Instagram user kimberleigh.coyne shared their excitement over this feature, writing QUOTE,
New wine! Organic Shaw Rose, only $3.99. The bottle cork fits right back into bottle in case you’re not one who is able to finish your own bottle.
Recently target added a five dollar “California roots rosé” to its stores and ever since its launch it has been a best seller at the store -proving there is a market for affordable and tasty rose’s!
We’re not sure about you guys but seeing our favorite stores amp up their affordable wine options has longing for our summer vacation. So get those wallets ready because with price tags like these you can officially (and affordably) Rosé the day away!

Now I want to turn it over to you guys. Are you excited to see a super affordable rosé hit trader joe’s shelves? and places eliminating the use of straws all together? Let me know all your thoughts and feelings down in the comments below. When you’re done with that, click right over here to see the 7 most Instagram-worthy starbucks frappuccinos of ALL time.

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  1. The cork is actually innovative, clearly better than existing solutions however a good cork cost more than the wine bottle itself 😀 …

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