Top 5 Most RANDOM Celebrity Hookups Of 2018!

In the celebrity world, a lot of super random people get together and start dating…but this year takes the cake for giving life to some of the strangest couples yet. Hollywood is officially HollyWEIRD after taking a look at these unlikely duos. We’re getting into the FIVE MOST RANDOM CELEBRITY COUPLES, so stay tuned.
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6 respuestas a «Top 5 Most RANDOM Celebrity Hookups Of 2018!»

  1. Avatar de MR. NOBODY

    Devyn Howard is FINE as hell…

  2. Avatar de Lailai Islam
    Lailai Islam

    What does hookups means???

  3. Avatar de Delena Cyrus
    Delena Cyrus

    2018 was the year of engagement and weddings ,the question here is how 2019 will be the year of what?

    1. Avatar de Miss Szea
      Miss Szea

      Divorces and split ups

  4. Avatar de Patricia Bulla
    Patricia Bulla

    So yall aint gonna inform us on how iggy azalea’s backup dancer got a seizure while performing in Brazil. And all the unessesary hate my sweet queen is getting. #Azaleansupport

  5. Scott is happy with her no matter how weird they are as a couple

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