Top 10 Real Life Inspirational Movie Figures


Top 10 Real Life Inspirational Movie Figures

In the real world, these people changed lives, and in cinema, their legacy endures even more. We’ve included people like Margaret Keane, Erin Gruwell, Joy Mangan, Jean-Dominique Bauby, Oskar Schindler, Erin Brockovich, Harvey Milk, Martin Luther King, Jr, and Mahatma Gandhi. Whether they be artists, activists, civil rights leaders, the Queen, or everyday people like Erin Brockovich, they’ve made such an impact in real life and their story needed to be told on screen.

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  1. You forgot Anna Paquin’s portrayal of Irena Sendler in The Courageous Heart
    of Irena Sendler. Her network of resistance fighters saved 2,500 lives
    during the Holocaust

  2. Dont think many people say this but, Erin Brockovich is my favorite movie.
    Theres something about it that makes me feel good everytime I watch it,
    cant really explain why.

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