Top 10 Celebrities Who Quit Twitter

Top 10 Celebrities Who Quit Twitter

The Internet can be such a toxic place. For these celebs, Twitter became too much for them and they quit the social media app before it got too much. Whether it was due to cyber bullying, online threats or just just a general distaste for social media. The celebs we’ve included are Alec Baldwin, Chris Brown, Emma Roberts, Zayn Malik, Nick Offerman, James Franco, Kanye West, Amanda Bynes, Alec Baldwin, Emma Roberts and Adele.

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5 respuestas a «Top 10 Celebrities Who Quit Twitter»

  1. Avatar de chayden153

    Its sad that we live in a world that you get called out on Twitter for
    minuscule shit like being a Muslim with tattoos or having cellulite TBH I
    feel bad for Zayn & Iggy and they shouldn’t of had to delete their twitter.

  2. Avatar de wolfandthief

    Demi Lovato quits twitter 3 times a month.

  3. Avatar de 21stcenturymermaid

    Yeah sureeeee chris brown is a changed man and yet he still cursing women
    out and calling them bitches

  4. Avatar de 21stcenturymermaid

    Lena is a cornball . She is cancer

  5. Avatar de Demir Betsa
    Demir Betsa

    hey fun fact Amanda Bynes has an alias on twitter that is fantastic Ashley
    Banks just don’t tweet anything mean about her or she will block you

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