Top 10 Best Bruno Mars Music Videos

Top 10 Best Bruno Mars Music Videos

This Hawaiian crooner and pop superstar has wowed the masses and stolen all kinds of hearts with his visual flair. In this countdown we chose the best 10 Bruno Mars’s music videos featuring Mars as the main artist. Although he has been featured in a slew of great videos, such as the unstoppable “Uptown Funk” and his breakout “Billionaire”, they were not Bruno Mars songs. Some of the videos included are “The Other Side feat. CeeLo Green and B.o.B., “When I Was Your Man”, “Grenade”, “24K Magic” and “Just the Way You Are”.

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    1. Avatar de Android Techniques
      Android Techniques

      MsMojo Other memorable mentions…. Uptown Funk!

    2. Avatar de Felipe Theodoro
      Felipe Theodoro

      Top 10 Demi lovato and miley cyrus songs! Top 10 avril lavigne videos!

    3. Avatar de Rcj. Queenie
      Rcj. Queenie

      Ashley Ashley they could make another list then

    4. Avatar de Rcj. Queenie
      Rcj. Queenie

      MsMojo you need to do Lana del Rey next

    5. Avatar de Ashley Ashley
      Ashley Ashley

      MsMojo Why does mojo keep making countdowns for him when he’s still in his prime releasing new videos and music ? you’re just going to keep making new ones

  2. top 10 halsey songs

  3. Avatar de Ednabug

    I love Bruno.

  4. Avatar de ihrwolltmich

    1. Seriously. Are you serious? His worst song by far.

  5. Avatar de Chamari Fenty-Graham
    Chamari Fenty-Graham

    24k Magic ain’t better than half of these videos tbh. Let’s talk about how That’s What I Like is his best video now though ??

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