Tom Holland Nearly Catches On FIRE During Photoshoot


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Zendaya’s rumored boyfriend and Spiderman co-star Tom Holland is in the hot seat. Literally.

What’s up guys I’m Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and Tom Holland had a close call with an open flame during a photoshoot for an upcoming edition of “Man About Town” Magazine.

Just take a look at the video:

Tom is just sitting, casually posing on a chair that was set on FIRE

When the fire gets a little too close to his pants

And his speidi senses finally start to tingle

I had to watch this a bunch of times, let’s watch that again

And you guys, notice how he doesn’t jump into the giant body of water right behind him??

But I’m not here to victim blame. I’m wondering how and why on earth they let this 23 year old comic book star get THAT close to real fire in the first place??.. And for a pic?? You guys, that’s SPIDERMAN!

Have none of these people ever heard the phrase “do it in post”?

Because we have the technology to make sure actors don’t have to sit in actual fire, you know.

And what makes this worse?

The image they used for the cover last month WASN’T EVEN THE FIRE PHOTO!!!

It’s just Tom, chilling in a tree! Which, let’s be honest, is much safer, even for Spiderman. They could have easily got their shot there.

BUT then we wouldn’t have got THIS shot from Tom. And man is he is looking FIRE

But right now I want to hear from you guys. Do you think this was pretty cool or pretty dangerous? Was it worth the photoshoot if Tom had gotten hurt? But then again, we’re talking about Spiderman, so maybe that’s not even possible. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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