The Weeknd DISSES Selena w/ Bella Hadid?! – Paul Brothers’ Dad ABUSED Team 10?! (DHR)


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The Weeknd & Bella heat up Cannes, and Greg Paul accused of abusing team 10 members? All this & more on today’s DHR.

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  1. If stormi begins to have sleekish curly hair then it’s Travis baby cuz Kylie has straight hair and Travis has curly black hair, and if the bodyguard was the farther then stormi would have straight hair cuz the bodyguard has straight hair. And plus Kylie and Travis don’t have really big eyes they have a little slanted eyes so mabye that’s why stormi has slanted eyes. And mabye Kylie has strong genes and that’s why stormi is light. And if the bodyguard was even the dad stormi would be wayyyyy lighter

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