The Messed Up Reality of Being a Hollywood Actor


Celebrity Actors Controversial Journey And Challenges In Hollywood
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Some actors make their careers look easy, but more often than not, they’re anything but. Some celebrities claim they always knew they were meant to perform, but others got started because of very surprising reasons. Emily Blunt suffered from a stutter so severe it wouldn’t respond to therapy. It was completely debilitating until she discovered the world of acting. We’ll share some other shocking journeys to stardom, including what traumatized Will Smith at age 15 and made him decide to become a star. Then there are actors who have caused controversy because of their portrayals of certain characters such as Zac Efron and Penn Badgley. We’ll also talk about celebrities like Brie Larson who have caused massive backlash which threatened the success of their films.

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  1. Jesus! EVERYONE JUST ENJOYS HAVING SOMETGING TO PISS & MOAN ABOUT!!! Apparently, BREATHING is offensive… if it’s done by a white person, that is. Caucasians have no control over what their sex or ethnicity is, just as much as any other, so why, just WHY can’t people just go on about their lives and focus on more important things that CAN be controlled?! Enough is enough.

  2. I’ve always have thought that the character of «Tonto» has negative racial connotations because tonto means dumb in Spanish, a European language, thus white people are calling a Native American dumb.

    With the Prince of Persia, I have mixed feelings because white people are the original peoples of North Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Middle Easterners are white. They’re not Nordic, but they are of the white race. However, they could have used actual Middle Eastern descent actors to portray Middle Eastern characters.

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