[TEASER] The Illumidonkey’s Dark Agenda in the Music Industry: Celebrity Cloning



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  1. The Uncensored Version is on Edgeofwonder.TV now! Link:
    The Youtube version will be out next Tuesday, Aug. 20 @ 3pm EST!

    • @SHAUN CAMPBELL9 use the name of Jesus and they will flee. Believe me it works. “Jesus is the only way”❤❤❤No religion here just a relationship, which starts with asking Jesus into your heart & ask him to show you the truth. LOTS OF Love ❤

    • Hi !
      I think that I’ve been being cloned by aliens. Since 2016, I have has recurring dreams that aliens are working on me.
      And that the 3 technicians, push me thru my bedroom wall.
      I even moved from one part of the Bronx (NY) to another part of the Bronx and has had the dream with the same people in it.
      And I have had dreams with the same Rabbi in it.
      All the best Shaun of NYC

    • Edge of Wonder trailer looks awesome 😎 can’t wait to watch it! Please explain the “cuts” or rather what was “uncensored” in the description or a comment or something. Just wonder what YouTube won’t let you post.

  2. Hey guys Zim here, wondering if you would ever look into the deep states infiltration of public schools and colleges and the agenda to brainwash entire generations of young people. I graduated high school in 2014 and went straight to college only to find many professors at my school preaching pro communist stuff and I even had many professors who curiously had spouses who were immigrants from Russia. Those spouses were also very active at my college and even held lectures in auditoriums. If you want more info on the school and individual names I’ve got it just DM me 👍 feel like there’s some great content there for sure

  3. Oh. MY. GOD. EDGE OF WONDER. YOU FINALLY DID IT. This is just so freaking cool. I can’t believe I’m using that word because this man’s life is just so freaking tragic with what’s done to him and FINALLY, EDGE OF WONDER! You officially in the big, BIG leagues now. Donald’s dropped HUGE names in the past like no one’s business, and despite you believing his claims or not, that cloning technology makes loads of sense and I am willing to believe him. Just like plugging in an original part (soul) to a counterfeit electronic like laptop or something. Something’s gonna go cray-cray and sometimes you see it on TV! Please, Edge of Wonder. And thankyou for coming out with this!

    I would want to donate to him but I’ve always been hesitant though.

    • Well there is no way for us to verify his story, but there does seem to be evidence to back up at least some of what he says. Regardless, this is super interesting so we decided to do an episode on him and leave the audience to come to their own conclusion.


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