Taylor Swift’s New Country Song! – Niall Horan Battles OCD (DHR)


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Taylor returns to her country roots, and Niall gets candid about his health. All this & more on today’s DHR.

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  1. Thanks for sharing about the counting thing, Erin, and good point – sometimes you don’t even realize it all until something is already out of control or starts causing bad symptoms (I’d have to say most addicts or alcoholics experience this- by the time they realize they’re addicted, they’re in really deep). Anyway, I’m diagnosed with OCD mental pattern, and what I always say about OCD when people say “Well I don’t have OCD but I HAVE TO eat this way, or I HAVE TO do this thing before I leave the house.” is……. Everyone likes routine. It’s not abnormal to get comfort from doing a ritual, and/or tick, nor is it to have them. If you’ve found that stroking a quarter in your pocket, in sets of 4, while talking in a social gathering calms you down and keeps you focused, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s a coping mechanism. So where do you draw the line? It’s this: When you say you “have to” do it, what do you mean? What’ll happen if you don’t?… The answer to that question makes the difference. If the answer is “My mother won’t die.” or “I won’t get arrested for all the weed I smoke.” then it’s probably OCD lol. Larry the Cable Guy voice: If you think tapping your door trim 3 times before you leave the house will keep your children from dying, you MIGHT have OCD. lol. And I know that’s not a true “tell” 100% of the time…. nothing ever is. BUT it’s a good place to start from haha. Also, how severely distressed does the person get if for some reason they can’t do their tick or ritual or if something has been “ruined” or “messed up”. Do they laugh if someone interrupts them, like, “Hey stop! You know that bothers me!”? Or do they full on panic and start breathing heavily, crying, and doing other rituals? Or something in between. It’s more about how much it affects your day to day life, what the rituals and ticks mean to you, and how much anxiety not being able to do them causes you, then it is about simply liking things neat or liking to chew your foods an even number on each side or whatever lol. Plus, like Erin said sometimes you may not even realize you’re doing it, or may not realize the significance until it produces a physical symptom (like Erin’s headaches) or starts to affect your life in a big way.
    Well good on Niall for talking about it, I appreciate him pointing out there are all different severities too – it’s not either a joke or so severe that you can’t leave the house… as Erin pointed out too, there’s many forms and types. I honestly personally believe addiction/alcoholism are forms of OCD too, but that’s for another day lol. Anyway, thanks again to Erin too – it was brave for you to share, and I appreciate it a lot, because people do joke about this all the time. It doesnt bother typically me personally, if I’m being honest, but I think that’s simply down to my personality (I’m a “copes with inappropriate jokes!” type lol), even though I have moderate to severe symptoms for my type of OCD.

    Sorry if I was redundant; I have OCD.

  2. I didn’t like Taylor’s new song nothing against her I just didn’t like the feel of it and the music but both of the artists are great


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