Taylor Swift To RE-RECORD All Of Her Old Albums!


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Taylor Swift’s 7th album hasn’t even come out yet and she is already planning on working on her next – or rather, her next 6 albums. And they might sound a little familiar

What’s up guys, it’s Sussan Mourad here and Taylor Swift has reportedly confirmed that she will definitely be rerecording her first 6 studio albums – all the way back from her self-titled “Taylor Swift” right up to “Reputation”

You might remember we talked about this a few months ago when the whole Taylor Swift/Scooter Braun drama started

But Taylor rerecording her old albums was only speculation – until now.

In a clip from an upcoming interview with CBS Sunday Morning that will air this Sunday, August 25th, Taylor says that she “absolutely” plans on going back to rerecord her old albums

That would require her to sing all of her old songs – Tim McGraw, Teardrops on My Guitar, You Belong with Me, all with her grown up, no longer teenage, voice.

And I really can’t wait

This would mean that she would own all of her own music, and leave Scooter Braun’s original versions virtually worthless.

So guys, we might be getting not 1, but 7 whole albums sometime soon.

Which should maybe hold me over until TS 8.

In an official press release, CBS Sunday Morning reveals that Taylor told them that she “plans to rerecord her earlier songs after the rights were sold in a business deal”

And I’m not sure if this information was SUPPOSED to be public yet, but we found out and had to tell you all.

Like this person who said “rerecord All Too Well with its original lyrics”

Or this person who’s tweet I cannot pronounce

So let me know what you guys think! What song are you most excited to hear a new version of? Are there any changes she should make while she’s in the studio? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below
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