Taylor Swift Subtly Reveals She’s ENGAGED To Joe Alwyn?!?


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Did Taylor Swift just secretly announce her engagement? Swifties are going crazy over some potential Easter eggs she may have left in her Vogue article. All I can say is I am officially LIVING!

What’s up? It’s Maddie Conklin back here on Clevver News and Taylor Swift’s new album, “Lover,” may still be two weeks away, but it feels like almost every day she is dropping hints about what’s to come.

This time though, her clues seemed to do less with the album and more with her personal life.

The investigation began when Taylor posted some pictures from her Vogue cover shoot on Instagram captioning one with a romantic rhyme, that sounded suspiciously like song lyrics.

It said quote, “My heart’s been borrowed and yours has been blue. All’s well that ends well, to end up with you.”

And anyone who’s been to, been in, or helped plan a wedding before might be familiar with the fact that brides often try to gather “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” on their wedding day for good luck.

So obviously, this sent the Swifties, myself included, into a complete flurry.

The reference to the wedding rhyme had many of us assuming this meant that Taylor is secretly engaged to her boyfriend of over two years, Joe Alwyn.

And the speculation peaked when one fan noticed that Taylor liked a Tumblr post that connected the lyrics to the wedding rhyme.
This Twitter user spelled it all out for us.

And all I gotta say is, thank goodness for Twitter in times like this.

This person shared these images and wrote quote, “OMG I didn’t realize that Taylor liked a Tumblr post that says: my heart has been borrowed, and yours has been blue, something borrowed and something blue, so the line literally means is part of a rhyme that details what a bride should wear for good luck um OMG IF SHES ENGAGED ah”

And while that may seem like a stretch for the average fan, true Swifties know that Taylor LOVES a hidden hint.

And hinting at an engagement in the midst of an album release would be the ultimate Easter egg.

And if that wasn’t enough to convince you Taylor might be engaged, there’s the fact that in the photo she posted with the caption in question, it looks like there’s a string tied on her ring finger.

So obviously we went back to Twitter to see what everyone had to say about this one.

And obviously we struck gold.

One person said quote, “OKAY I JUST NOTICED SOMETHING…1.the lyrics she just gave us PLUS…



And I have to say, in regards to all this… something tells me that Taylor is going to make us sit here with our thoughts for a while before she reveals the truth behind her possible wedding plans.

She’s got an album release to focus on.

But I want to know what you guys think.

Do you think Taylor might be engaged? Or are we reading too deeply into these clues?

Let me know what you think down in the comments below.

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  1. i think one of the songs on the album is going to be about her engagement to Joe soooo ??‍♀️ idk ya never know with her haha

  2. Maybe the old saying something old, something new, something borrowed something blue, should not be used as good luck during what is anymore. As divorce is pretty much the norm now days.


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