Taylor Swift Made A Cameo In 13 Reasons Why & You Might’ve Missed It


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Man… yall are good. Better than the FBI. You’ve caught yet another Tay Swift easter egg.

‘Bad Liar’ isn’t the only SelGo project featuring an image of Taylor. Thanks to a highly observant fan on Tumblr, we now have even more examples of the Taylor – Selena crossover universe. Exhibit A was when this poster was featured in Selena’s ‘Bad Liar’ music video and it looks a hell of a lot like Taylor Swift, right? Now in yet another Selena Gomez project we’ve got exhibit B! You see it in the background? Sure, blink and you’ll miss it. But it’s there, in episode 10 of the first season of 13 RW, in a scene where Tyler talks to Sheri in the hallway of Liberty High. Right behind them is Taylor’s 1989 album cover poster. Sneaky, sneaky. We don’t know who put it there. Was it Selena herself? Was it the set designer? Who knows? And more importantly… what does it mean? Is it a sign that there’s new Taylor music to come? Or are we reading into it because the internet makes us all a little crazy? As for Selena making a cameo in season 2, she has this to say:
So maybe??? Should she or shouldn’t she? And back to Taylor, was this all a coincidence or do you think there’s a bigger plan here? Let me know below
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  1. ….made a cameo in your favourite netfix serie… You sure? You do not seem to be talking about sense8…

    Yep, I am still not over it cancellation 🙁 It was the best show ever!

  2. Ok so not really relevant to this topic… But is the show actually good? some of my friends are saying it’s really good and some are saying it’s horrible so I don’t Know if it’s worth watching.

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