Taylor Swift CONTROLS The Media?! (Rumor Patrol)


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Is Taylor Swift taking her whole “reclaiming my reputation” thing a little bit TOO far? Sounds like that might be the case! We’re breaking it down, right now on Rumor Patrol!

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5 Comentarios

  1. People keep insisting that Clevver is far up Taylor’s ass or something, but their way pass the Kardashian’s ass! Like seriously, they would make something that they did wrong to a GOOD thing. And here they are, talking about Taylor and saying that she was wrong about what she did when she wanted the article to be deleted, but I personally think that it was her team. Also, GETTING COMPARED TO HITLER!? SERIOUSLY??????? That is gross. And you’re still saying that it was incorrect for her to send out a letter for that site to delete it!? Also, HOW IS SHE CONTROLLING THE MEDIA!? This is so outraging for you guys to say. Clevver is not clever today.

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