Taylor Swift APOLOGIZES For Putting THIS Ex-BF on Blast!


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Taylor Swift admitted that she feels bad about calling out Joe Jonas on national television on Ellen years ago for their break up over the phone.

What’s up you guys, Drew Dorsey here for Clevver News to tell you about a recent confession from T. Swift that will give you all the nostalgia. As you may remember, Taylor and Joe Jonas dated 11 years ago way back in 2008 and all was well until he broke it off with her over the phone.

When Taylor appeared on the Ellen’s show to promote her then new album “Fearless” all those years ago, Ellen asked her if any of the songs on the album were about a certain Jo-Bro by the name of Joe Jonas… who Taylor was dating or I guess dated at the time.

Taylor confirmed that “Forever and Always” was inspired by her experience with Joe before then revealing that they were no longer seeing each other and that he severed the teen romance in one of the worst ways you can possibly break up with someone.

Yeah she straight up called him out and low-key I get it. But fast forward to present day, in her recent appearance on Ellen, when asked in a round of “Burning Questions” what’s the most rebellious thing she did as a teenager, Taylor said when she put Joe on blast.

Hey you know what that’s called? Growth.

She was only 18 and her boyfriend had just broken up with her over the phone in less than 30 seconds, OF COURSE she was going to say something she would regret. But as she said in her recent appearance, it’s old news and they laugh about it now. Plus they have both moved on many times over. Joe is married to Sophie Turner and Taylor is happily with Joe Alwyn.

Everbody wins

But per usual I want to hear from you guys so let me know in the comment section below what you think about Taylor regretting the infamous moment. Also if you wanna get all up in my grill you can find me on my channels @drew__dorsey.

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  1. People saying Joe deserved it at the time…. Taylor didn’t handle it very well either. To do it so publicly… They both could’ve handled the situation better. I mean if you really look at it, you would realize that when Joe broke up with Taylor the Jonas Brothers were touring all over the world… Here’s the timeline: Burnin Up Tour started in July of 2008 which is around the time they started dating, Joe broke up with Taylor in October that same year, the Burnin Up Tour ended on March 22nd of 2009~~> come to the Jonas Brothers going on ANOTHER tour, a world tour no less, that starts less than 2 months later and ends in December 13th of 2009. If I were in Joe’s position at that time I would see my options as:
    1) Break up over the phone
    2) Travel all the way over to Taylor and then break up with her which is hard enough considering the busy tour schedule
    3) Have Taylor travel all the way over to him and then break up with her
    4) Or stay with Taylor when he didn’t want to considering he started to like someone else
    I mean yes it would be better to do it face-to-face, BUT at the age of 19 Joe probably thought to himself that option #1 was the better choice.


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