Tana Mongeau DRAGGED By Snake Activist Over VMA Outfit!


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“Tana Mongeau is receiving backlash” is a sentence you’ve definitely heard before. But this time it has nothing to do with her relationship with Jake Paul and everything to do with her VMA red carpet look.

What’s up? It’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News and the VMAs were last night and all of our favorite stars showed up on the red carpet in some shocking ensembles.

But Tana Mongeau is receiving some backlash for her red carpet look.

She wore a golden dress with matching thigh high boots and some sunglasses.

But I honestly didn’t even notice that until right now because all everyone has been talking about is her accessory — a real, actual live snake.

It seemed like it was a reference to Britney Spears’s ‘snake outfit’ worn during her 2001 VMA performance of “I’m A Slave 4 U.”

And while Britney’s performance was dubbed iconic, since 2001, we’ve all become a little more aware about animal welfare and treatment.

And thus, Tana has been hit with backlash from the animal activists.

Using an actual live animal for an outfit in 2019 is probably not a good idea for anyone.

And Twitter is up in arms over Tana’s look.

One person wrote quote, “I’m disappointed in @tanamongeau and her decision to bring a snake with her to #VMA . Animals aren’t props or costume pieces. It’s crowded, bright, and noisy. Not to mention all of the touching and flag photography. Snakes are wonderful animals! But they aren’t toys.”

And another person said quote, “snakes are not accessories to make your outfit better. they are living animals and they get stressed just like humans. this isn’t good for the animal and this honesty just makes me mad. and just to be petty, neither of the outfits even looks decent.”

But shockingly, Tana wasn’t the only person in attendance carrying a snake.

H.E.R. also walked the carpet with a live snake.

And she’s also been receiving some backlash for her look, but she did address them with an Instagram post.

HER wrote quote, “VMA’S with a noodle ? i got 5 noodles at home. I try to bring them everywhere I can because people love them and they are really cool. They are used to being around a lot of people. @jayprehistoricpets taught me lol better than being alone. They are great pets ❤️”

But Tana didn’t addressed the snake activists.

She did take to Twitter though to share how excited she was to be attending the VMAs for the second time.

She wrote quote, “omg VMAs. on my way to my favorite city in the world… another year in a row. i never thought i’d be invited to the VMAs once, let alone twice. i never thought standing on that carpet last year that 365 days later i’d have a show with MTV and a season under my belt..”

And we’re happy for Tana, maybe next time leave the live animals at home.

But I want to know what you guys think.

Were you disappointed that Tana brought a snake to the VMAs carpet? Or did you like the call back to Britney Spears?

Let me know down in the comments below.

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