Stranger Things Season 3 CONFIRMED by Creators & Actors?


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We could be going back to Hawkins, Indiana sooner than we thought.

The second season of Stranger Things has been out for almost a month, and we or may not already be re-watching it. Stranger Things 2 was everything we were hoping for and more, even the infamous seventh episode with spoiler alert Eleven’s sister.

We don’t want to admit how fast we watched the whole season, but let’s just say that we didn’t sleep until it was finished. As much as we love being able to watch the whole season at once, there’s something somewhat disappointing about not having a new episode to watch every week which makes the wait in between seasons even more unbearable.

Although the second season literally just came out, we’re already thinking ahead and wondering how they’re going to answer all of our questions and tie up loose ends. We haven’t been given an official confirmation that we’re getting a Stranger Things 3, but with the second season bringing in over 15 million streams, Netflix would be insane to not continue the show that became an overnight success when it debuted last year.

Last night Stranger Things stars Finn Wolfhard, AKA Mike Wheeler, and Linnea Berthelsen, AKA Kali, along with show creatives attended the Vulture Festival’s Stranger Things: Inside the Upside Down. The panel was all about the second season and answering some of the fans’ most burning questions.

While talking about how thankful they are for the amazing response to the new season, the Duffer Brothers, the brains who created the show, accidentally let it slip that they were already working on season three!

Ross Duffer said QUOTE “We are in very early days on season three and we’ re still figuring it out.”

He quickly realized his mistake and continued on to say QUOTE “I probably wasn’t supposed to say that… That’s not official, that wasn’t an official announcement — we’re just working on it, just for our own amusement…for fun!”

Obviously everyone began to freak out over this admittance and even Finn tried to help by saying QUOTE “Maybe if you guys like it, there will be a third season!”

Besides an announcement from Netflix, this is the best confirmation we could have ever gotten about Stranger Things’ future.

Are you guys so excited about what’s to come for Stranger Things and what is your favorite moment from season two? Let us know in the comments below. I’m Drew Dorsey, thanks for tuning in!

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