Starbucks Baristas Hilariously TROLL Annoying Customers


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Just when you thought Instagram had seen it all – well, Starbucks goes and releases this glittery, sequined covered cup that has social media mavens and beverage drinkers freaking the freak out. These gorgeous cups or tumblers as they’re referred to, come in rose gold, pink, white and even silver. And sorry not sorry but my first thought was “wow, these puppies are gonna look so good on my IG feed – who knew a cup could be so photogenic?” Well let me tell you – apparently this idea of starbucks cups being photogenic has in fact become quite the thing. In fact, there’s even a reddit thread where s-bucks barristas talk about how they deal with annoying customers. One reddit user even wrote: My petty joy is putting stickers on the siren logo when annoying teenagers order millions of fraps at once so their Instagram posts are ruined.
LOL. Am I the only laughing here. I mean it’s already got to be annoying to be thinking you’re working at a coffee shop and then have a million people coming in ordering weird stuff like uniorn frapps and pumpkin spice everything. So the next time you order a drink and see the label over the logo, you best know you ticked someone off.
And now I have a few questions for you. First off – are you totally into these new tumblers or are taking a hard pass? Also, be real, have you ever had a barista put the sticker over your logo? Are you rethinking your whole existence? Yeah, me too. It’s crazy! Hit the comments to join this hard hitting convo and then click here to find out who Mariah Carey listens to at Christmas. Spoiler alert – it might be her…I’m Joslyn Davis at Clevver headquarters thanks for watching!

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