Shadowhunters Casts Will Tudor To Play Sebastian


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Will Tudor looks like a perfect fit for his new role in Shadowhunters–and the fact that he’s super hot is a nice bonus.

‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Humans’ actor Will Tudor has officially been cast as character Sebastian Verlac, who turns out to be lead character Clary Fray’s older brother. Actress Kat McNamara, who plays Clary, posted a picture of her and Will hanging out behind the scenes of the show, and based on how much fun they’re having in the pic, it looks like they’ll have no problem playing siblings…

I can definitely see a playful sibling rivalry blossoming between these two. As for Will’s character Sebastian, the ‘Mortal Instruments’ books tell us that as a result of his father doing experiments on him, he’s a Shadowhunter born with demon blood. Sooo it’s probably safe to say that he’ll bring plenty of juicy drama to the show. The character is also described as “charming, brilliant, and profoundly educated”, so no pressure there, Will!

One aspect that the show WILL change about Sebastian from the books, is that instead of being from the Paris Institute, he’ll be from London. That shouldn’t be too hard for Will to pull off, considering the actor is originally from London, himself.

The showrunner for the series, Todd Slavkin, explained of their casting choice QUOTE, “We really put our own spin on the character. As we’ve done with all the episodes you’ve seen, we’ve always had our own spin on everything, and Sebastian is no different.”

And one super fun and crazy coincidence that Todd also shared about Will’s casting, is that he and the show’s star Dominic Sherwood are actually longtime friends! Todd explained QUOTE, “We weren’t aware of this when we cast him, but he and Dominic Sherwood have this past together as kids in England. They have this real friendship off-screen, which is chilling if you know the books and can think about the irony of that.”

Woah, if you’re a fan of the books as well as the tv show then this is all just too amazing to handle right now. And if you haven’t tuned into the show yet then hopefully Will Tudor’s casting will give you some newfound motivation to binge-watch it before he makes his big debut later this season.

Okay guys now it’s time for you to let me know what YOU think of Will Tudor’s casting as Sebastian–does he look like a great fit for the character to you? Let me know in the comments, and after that be sure to subscribe to Clevver news! Thanks so much for watching, I’m your host Jackie Iadonisi and I’ll see you guys next time!

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