Selena Gomez SO OVER Toxic Justin Bieber? (RUMOR PATROL)


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Is Selena Gomez finally over Justin Bieber? We’ve got the truth on Rumor Patrol!

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5 Comentarios

  1. i bet if she didnt mention Justin’s name everyone would be so triggered and think selena wanted justin to fuck himself

  2. Y’all are so disrespectful. «Toxic Justin Bieber»? Are you kidding me? He’s in a good place right now loving and living life. Making hits, live streaming with fans, tweeting, posting memes about himself on IG and just being himself. Why do y’all worship that druggie of a woman Selena? She’s dating the Weeknd, she found her soulmate lol. She loves bringing up my boy’s name every time she wants to stay relevant in the news and you idiots give her traffic with news like this. She needs to get back into rehab as her cocaine addiction clearly shows how desperate she is.Oh btw, while she’s there, she can probably learn to sing. Clevver, y’all are stupid, just saying.

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