Selena Gomez Back To You MUSIC VIDEO – Katy Perry & Taylor Swift Feud BACK ON?! (DHR)


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Ariana Grande & Mac Miller have OFFICIALLY BROKEN UP! Katy Perry is reportedly MAD at Taylor Swift for sharing her apology…AND Tristan Thompson BROKE DOWN CRYING after Khloe gave birth to True! All that and so much more on todays’ rundown!

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  1. NO ONE speaks for Katy or Taylor. Let’s just leave it like that. NO ONE speaks for them not even a blog, magazine , “Close sources” or even family. This is just a fictiom designed for entertainment.

  2. I mean it’s not so much that she minds that her letter was put on social media, like she wrote something on there she didn’t want to get out, but more so how Taylor broadcasted it…..I just feel it would of been nicer if Taylor didn’t share the letter itself[what was written on it] and only like show the gift[What was written on the letter probably felt more private for the both of them]….but I’m pretty sure a lot of people are glad they were able to see what was on the letter instead of think about it.

  3. Katy Wasnt mad you bitches….piggy hilton pade this false rumour…..stop making healines by using tay’s and katy’s name

  4. This just broke my hart. I can’t believe Mack and Ariana are over. They were so cute together. I’m so sad now. Like that sucks


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