Riverdale Cast REVEALS Who Gets The Most DMs + More Season 3 Details


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While visiting the Watch What Happens Live Clubhouse, Andy Cohen asked Lili Reinhart, KJ Apa, Luke Perry and Madchen Amick some rapid fire questions about their castmates, revealing some fun secrets you may not have known.
When asked who is the biggest flirt, the cast said Camila Mendes, but Madchen jokingly pointed at KJ. When it came to naming the cast member that is most likely to forget lines, there was some disagreement because Luke named Cole Sprouse, but Lili seemed surprised by the answer. Of course this was all in good fun, so none of this is to be taken seriously. Luke also called out Lili for being the cast member who spends the most time in the mirror which Lili quickly declined.
Good news is that when asked if any cast member has changed since the show blew up, everyone insisted that everyone has remained the same. Humility is what we like to hear.
When asked about the comparisons people draw between characters Betty and Veronica with Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf and Serena van Der Woodsen, Lili explained her point of view saying QUOTE – “I don’t think you can compare them too much because I think Serena and Blair had a very love/hate relationship whereas Betty and Veronica is just smooth sailing usually.”
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