Rihanna ENGAGED!? – Harmonizers TROLL Fifth Harmony (DHR)

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Fans TROLL 5th Harmony with a Camilla Cabello song! Nicki Minaj & Cardi B join FORCES in a NEW music video AND is Rihanna ENGAGED!? All that and MORE on today’s rundown!

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5 respuestas a «Rihanna ENGAGED!? – Harmonizers TROLL Fifth Harmony (DHR)»

  1. Avatar de HEBI Studio
    HEBI Studio

    Am i the only one who thinks that camila’s new album looks a lot like fifth harmony’s latest album? I mean both are self-titled albums and they both represent a »chapter of their life».

  2. Avatar de HAHA WhateverIdo
    HAHA WhateverIdo

    The dislikes are All the four members of 5th harmanoy

  3. Avatar de Danielle Abalos
    Danielle Abalos

    They want a wider range of Shades in foundation and concealer but yet when they get it they want to complain, it doesn’t make any sense. Smh ??

  4. Avatar de Dejahnay Rose
    Dejahnay Rose

    No knows if the girls were really tired, if they were late for something. Stop acting like celebs aren’t humans, it’s like if someone always shares their sandwich with you but the one time they don’t you call them bitches and selfish. They almost always stop to greet fans, many celebs could care less. Theses are not real fans they are ungrateful pigs. Y’all should be ashamed, but people always want to bandwagon hate the girls, for no reason.

  5. Avatar de LivingLifeWitQiana Ana
    LivingLifeWitQiana Ana

    22nd comment… Bruh..

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