Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas Wear MATCHING Rings & Double Date With Joe Jonas


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Priyanka and Nick are at that phase in a public relationship where we can’t officially say that they are a couple yet, but it’s totally obvious that they are. I mean come on, they were photographed walking down the street with Priyanka’s hand caressing Nick’s hair.
Over the fourth of July weekend, they were together in New York and went on a double date with Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner AND they wore matching t-shirts. Not to mention they were holding hands which, call me crazy, is a totally relationshippy thing to do.
Oh but that’s not all. In June they went to India for an engagement party but while they were there Nick met the family. He met Priyanka’s mom, her brother, her cousin, it was a family affair. And we all know what meeting the family leads to. I’m not sayin’ it but I’m sayin’ it. They were photographed wearing matching gold bands on their right hands and that same night they technically made their relationship instagram official. That’s some serious stuff in 2018.
Now we all know Nick is a big fan of commitment rings. He wore a purity ring for a good chunk of his professional career so this matching ring with Priyanka could be serious. It’s on the wrong hand to be an engagement ring so they very well could just be promise rings which is also a big deal. Priyanka also shared a Boomerang on instagram of a Cartier jewelry box without any further details, but if that’s the box that the rings came in, they definitely weren’t cheap.
What do you guys think about Nick and Priyanka wearing matching rings? What do we think they symbolize? Let me know in the comment section below. I’m your host Drew Dorsey, thanks for watching!

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  1. Wtfs this couple? I hate when hot celebrities match themselves with the ugly/older/married/cheaters! Like it’s always one of those.. they never find someone suitable for them. YUCK YUCK YUCK I hope they break up

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