Pretty Little Liars Cast Talk Series Finale On GMA & Share Sneak Peek Clip


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Pretty Little Liars premier’s the first of its final 10 episodes tonight and we have all the latest on what we can expect right here on Clevver Newsfeed
If we must find a Silver Lining to the show ending, it’s the fact that soon, we will know all and there will be no more secrets

The long awaited final season of Pretty Little Liars starts tonight and it certainly is bitter sweet. Shay, Troian, Sasha, Ashley, and Lucy were on Good Morning America this morning prepping us and giving us solid details of the episodes to come. Its also bitter sweet for the liars because they wrapped filming in October and Lucy says quote, “we knew we still had this week of press to promote. So this is sort of our last shebang, like our last time being all together for a while, so it’s very weird.”

And then Shay Chimes in and totally melts our hearts!

When the girls were asked to describe this season in 3 words here’s what they gave us! Troian hyphenated one of the words, Game-changing, they also said romantic, and shocking. GMA also gave us an exclusive sneak peak from tonight’s episode! The scene is of all the liars talking about the huge bomb that Mary Drake dropped on Spencer in the season finale. That she was Spencers mom, but of course Spencer is not believing it.
And then Shay finishes the scene saying “A wants us to play,” and then Hannah chimes in saying dramatically in her Hannah way, “NO Em, It wants to play with us.” Dun Dun Dun!

There was a bit of a funny awkward moment though, during their interview this morning. They have all been so prepped by the publicists on what they can and can’t say. Take a look at Lucy’s face when Sasha is talking about her character Alison!

Have no fear Lucy, you will not get in trouble with the network because we did indeed learn that Alison was pregnant last season!

All right you guys! I’m seriously so excited for tonight! Let us know in the comments below if you will be watching and get the fan theories rolling! Then be sure to subscribe to clevver news! Thanks so much for watching and happy PLL Tuesday!

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6 Comentarios

  1. I have a theory. I’ve been binge watching s1 and I noticed that, at the same time Mona, who we know was the original A, was horse riding with Hanna, A massaged Emily without her knowing. my theory is that Lucas was the original A and Mona was his helper and took the whole blame. Just think about it, Lucas talked about giving Ali what she deserved but her never really did anything to her. What if he’s the original A and came back as A D to get recognition.

  2. Alisons baby is A.D. The baby was mad it didn’t have a father so it got revenge and stalked all of them before Alison was pregnant.

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