PNTV: The Celebrity Music Edition


This week in music Cardi B drops her debut album and reveals she’s about to drop a baby too. Alina Baraz secretly releases a new album, Drake hits us with a women empowerment video release, Sinead Harnett drops some «new r&b for that ass», Sabrina Claudio announced a new album and then announced her distaste for black women on Twitter, Colors YouTube but me with two new videos, and the Weeknd is doing the damn Thang with his release. I forgot to mention Nicki Minaj is also about to release her new album as a.

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  1. I love your hair styled like this!! I thought she was pregnant awhile ago too…yea I recognized Olivia Wilde too…I feel like Drake is obsessed with 90’s music love the song but don’t know what he’s saying either…love me some Sinead!!!

  2. I forgot to mention Nikki Minaj about to drop her album Chun Li how did I forget that and Mack Wilds pushed his album back due to him acting,

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